Step 3 – Foolproof Strategy User Multiple Sex Dating Sites

step-3 Fool proof Strategy User Multiple Sex Dating SitesOnline dating in general and sex dating sites in particular is a numbers game. If you follow the advice here on iSexPortal and prepare your profile and messages skillfully and carefully you will get laid, guaranteed, as long as you send enough of those messages. Over time you’ll see a response ratio develop and you’ll find that it gets better as you hone in on the right girls to message and the correct way to charm them via your message (our tips can’t do everything for you; a little experimentation on your part will be necessary).

The ideal way to ensure you get laid as often as possible is to join multiple sex dating sites at the same time. You double or triple the number of available sexual partners by doing so, thereby doubling or tripling your chance of getting laid. You don’t need a different profile for each site so it’s not more work in that regard. All you’re doing is increasing your chances of successfully making a connection with a girl and getting laid, which is the goal of the entire process. You might have some concerns.

Joining multiple sex dating sites seems too expensive

It might seem that way, but the most one of these sites will charge you is $30/month. Some offer discounts if you join for multiple months at a time; you can even get the monthly average down to $10/month if you purchase a long enough membership up front. If you joined one site at $30 and another at $10 you’d be paying $40/month to double your chance of having sex on any particular evening. When you consider the cost of going out to bars and/or clubs in an evening you’ll find that one night of buying drinks for lovely ladies costs more than an entire month of membership to two sex dating sites.

Isn’t it more work?

It’s more work, but not anywhere near twice as much work. Your profile and messaging tactics will be the same. The only extra work you’re taking on is messaging more girls, which is the entire point of joining multiple sites.

Why do I need more than one sex partner?

You’ll quickly find out that most of the girls on sex dating sites aren’t looking for anything long term, even if it’s a no strings attached relationship. Most of the time they want to have sex that evening, they find you, and they get the orgasm they crave. Some girls will indeed want to hook up over and over, but the appeal for most lies in having a different partner each time because there’s a thrill in what’s new. You’ll discover that same thrill and get hooked on it. When you join multiple sites you have double or triple the women to contact.

Isn’t it weird to play this like a numbers game?

I’ve heard this from guys before. For some reason they feel bad, like they’re being scummy because they’re emailing so many girls looking for sex. If those thoughts are in your head then you have the power to erase them. There’s no reason to feel bad because the girls are looking for the exact same thing. They want sex and so do you. They don’t want a long term love connection and they’re not fragile dolls that need to be cradled and cared for with every breath you take. They’re human beings with strong sexual desires just like yours.

The Best Sex Dating Sites To Pick Up Chicks:


There are dozens of sex dating sites competing for your attention but the four listed above are the only ones worth joining. The rest, as you can see from the negative review section of our site, are almost entirely scammy. When you consider how many sites would come up in a search it’s remarkable how few will help you get laid, but they’re the ones that actually put time, effort, and money into creating the infrastructure needed to make this work. Those four sites are the ones that care about getting you laid, not just taking your money as fast as they can. You can find a review for each site here on iSexPortal.

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