Step 4 – Learn How To Spot Escorts & Fake Profiles

Step 4 Learn how to spot escorts, pornstars & fake-profiles On Sex Dating sitesFake and scamming profiles are a part of all sex dating sites. Our Top Ranked Sites:
have less of an issue with such profiles, but even they’re not immune. That’s why it’s of the utmost importance to your success in finding hot flings that you learn to spot these profiles before you get burned.

Sex dating sites are mobbed with fake profiles because there’s nothing to stop someone from making one. They don’t do a background check and anonymity is part of the process, at least in what’s presented to the public. No one gives their actual name and you can upload any picture you like. Even if the sex dating sites wanted to stop every fake profile they couldn’t; none could afford to hire people to comb through the millions of members. All they can do is rely on members to report fakes and eliminate them at that point. Unfortunately, that ends up being too late most of the time. If you dedicate just a little time to learning about fakes and how they scam you the risk of being duped will drop to near zero.

At best a fake profile is an annoyance that costs you time when you message a girl that doesn’t exist. Since these sites are a numbers game every message sent to a fake girl is one less chance to get laid. At worst a fake profile costs you from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on how badly you were scammed. When you’re done reading this article you’ll have the knowledge needed to spot most fake profiles and to avoid getting roped into the common scams that criminals pull on sex dating sites.

Signs of a Fake Sex Dating Profile

A Stunningly Gorgeous Girl: It’s possible that every once in a while a drop dead gorgeous girl will sign up for SOCIALSEX.COM or another sex dating site, but not really. It just doesn’t happen. Plus, if that girl did sign up for the site chances are good she’s not going to message you. Sorry to be blunt about it, but if you were good looking enough to land a 10 on the beauty scale you probably wouldn’t turn to the internet to get laid. The same holds true for a girl of that kind of beauty. Women of that type do not have to work to have sex. They might be rubbish in bed but men everywhere want to sleep with them. That’s why a girl like that is perfect for a fake profile. Every guy will message her and the person behind that profile can then begin the scam. This category also includes pictures of pornstars, centerfolds, and models online. The images are stolen and passed off as real girls. These profiles usually bite the dust quickly since people recognize the pro images and report them.

Her Profile is All About You: When you read a profile where the girl talks all about she gets pleasure out of giving you pleasure and all you have to do is tell her what you want and she’ll make it happen it’s a fake. Nobody signs up for a sex dating site with the express purpose of giving pleasure to other people unless they’re doing it for money. There are men and women alike that get great pleasure from giving pleasure, but those people also like to receive pleasure and will mention it.

Her Profile is Vague and Threadbare: If there’s a picture and the profile is largely without content (she didn’t answer any of the questions and wrote only a few sentences) and the only content is purposefully vague that’s a fake profile. These are done by lazy scammers that don’t want to spend the time. You’ll find lots of empty profiles without pictures, but those are usually from someone that was just perusing the site and decided not to join.

Sex Dating Site Scams

Profiles Made by the sex dating site owners: Every site makes these. They usually feature a pretty girl that’s not overwhelmingly beautiful (in the 8-9 range on the beauty scale) and the text is usually descriptive and either all about you or geared mostly towards you. These fake profiles can also read like fantasy fulfillment. These can be hard to suss out because they’re created by the sex dating site to encourage you to pay for a membership so you can contact this dream girl. They don’t go too beautiful with the picture because it’s too obvious it’s a fake. These are harmless profiles though; all they do is waste your time.
The Travel Money Scam: This fake profile scam usually starts with the girl contacting you. She’ll likely be more beautiful than you think you can land, which is the key to the whole thing. All guys are susceptible to the charms of a beautiful woman, but there are certain guys that are painfully lonely and socially awkward that see a gorgeous girl as the key to their salvation. She will rescue them from a life of misery because she is beautiful, kind, and willing to spend time with them. She will fix everything. These scammers are skilled at getting guys to believe all of that. Then they ask them for travel money. They’re always out of state or out of the country and need help to travel. If the guy will cover the airfare and maybe a rental car and hotel she will come and sleep with him. She will spend a week or a month with him. She will fix his life. As soon as he sends the money he never hears from her again and hits a new low in his life.

Escort Scammers: The escorts on sex dating sites work in two ways. Some are entirely up front about charging you for sex, so it’s hard to call them scammers. They don’t often put in their profiles that the sex will cost money though, so it’s frustrating when you spend time writing her and find out she wants cash. The second version of the escort scammer is more annoying. This type of girl will rope you in with a courting period where she butters you up, makes you feel like the king of world, and suggests you meet. It’s only when you meet her in person that she tells you she wants money. At that point you might be so desperate you’ll pay her. There’s a very rare and desperate version of the escort that will sleep with you and either steal something from you after or demand money. Sometimes she will threaten to make a scene or break your things if you don’t pay up.

Private Investigators and Blackmailers: This is the rarest of all sex dating site scams but it’s worth watching out for if you’re a married man. In this case the fact that you’re cheating will be used against you. If you’re married and cheating you need to be extra careful in your hunt for a fling.

How to Avoid Getting Scammed

First, you need to remember that if something seems too good to be true then it almost always is. If you’re a 5 on the looks scale then a 9 or 10 is not going to sleep with you or show any interest in sleeping with you. It happens in life when the guy is a millionaire or extremely powerful; it doesn’t happen on a fling site like XPRESS.COM that’s largely anonymous. Keeping this in mind will save you from the vast majority of scams.

Most scams can be avoided by getting to know someone online at least a little before you meet in person. The less willing someone is to share any information with you the most likely they are to be scamming with you. Plus, the more info you have the more likely you are to spot a fake. A lie can only hold up for so long.

Finally, you should never, under any circumstances, send anyone you meet on a sex dating site money for any reason. Even if she seems genuine and sweet and desperate, do not send her money.

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