There was a time when I really struggled to get laid with any regularity. I wanted to have sex but I couldn’t get it together. Going to bars was a horror show of rejection and I would walk home with my head hung low like Charlie Brown every weekend. It just wasn’t working for me, which is why I turned to sex dating sites to solve my problem. It didn’t come easy though. In truth, trying to score chicks online or find friends with benefits, was a nightmare too, at least at first. I was rejected endlessly because I wasn’t doing it right and because I refused to accept what I needed to change to become the kind of guy that gets laid regularly. The first step to fixing any problem is admitting something is wrong, that is exactly what I did and I began to take the art of picking up chicks more seriously.

Using techniques I honed from countless months of trial and error, and the same strategies I outline for you bellow in my 7 step guide to scoring chicks online using sex dating, I finally was able to crack the nut and begin having massive success on sex dating sites. I created a more confident, happier, sexier version of me and I learned how to properly put it online. Think of it as the bait used to lure ladies that are DTF right into the sack! I mastered how to write opening messages to girls and get them to respond. I learned how to quickly arrange an in person meeting and how to seal the deal and get her back to my place for a night of hot sex. Nowadays I mix in one night stands, sprinkle it was some friends with benefits and top it of with a handful of long term flings. What I never thought was possible before is not reality! I have a preverbal black book filled with some of the most amazing sexual goddesses you an imagine. With a little guidance, you can too!…{Read More Here}

Your Guide To Finding, Meeting & Scoring With Chicks Online!


Step 1 – Learn To Avoid Sex Dating Scams

One of the most important elements of a good experience with a sex dating site is knowing how to spot the fake and/or scamming profiles. If you get taken by a scam it will likely scare you away from ever enjoying the steady stream of available and horny women
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Step 2 – Write A Kickass Profile Girls Can’t Resist

If you want to have a fling via a sex dating site like XPRESS.COM you need to put in a little work, just like you need to put in a little work if you’re going out to a bar or club and looking for a lady. The only time sex will utterly fall into your […]
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Step 3 – Foolproof Strategy User Multiple Sex Dating Sites

Online dating in general and sex dating sites in particular is a numbers game. If you follow the advice here on iSexPortal and prepare your profile and messages skillfully and carefully you will get laid, guaranteed, as long as you send enough of those messages.
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Step 4 – Learn How To Spot Escorts & Fake Profiles

Fake and scamming profiles are a part of all sex dating sites. The best of them have less of an issue with such profiles, but even they're not immune. That's why it's of the utmost importance to your success in finding hot flings that you learn to spot these profiles before you get burned.
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Step 5 – Spotting Woman That Are DTF

We know that every girl (with the exception of fake and scamming profiles, of course) on a sex dating site wants to get laid. That doesn't mean every girl will jump right into bed with you though. Some will make you work for it, usually for perfectly understandable reasons
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Step 6 – Write An Email That Gets A 90% Response Rate

Writing a clever, amusing, charming, effective first email is the most difficult task facing a man looking to score chicks on a sex dating site. Whether you join any of our recommended sites you'll have trouble getting consistent sex if you can't master the art of crafting a great email.
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Step 7 – Time To Get Laid, Learn How To Close The Deal Fast

By this point in the process you’ve convinced a girl to meet in person for a date that will hopefully end in great sex. This is not like regular dating and that’s a good thing. If she’s agreed to meet she’s ready to have sex, which makes it much easier for you. All you have […]
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