Step 5 – Spotting Woman That Are DTF

Step 5 - Spotting Woman That Are DTF As we have already learned through out the site, every girl on a sex dating or fling site is DTF. (With the exception of the fake profiles of course) That doesn’t mean every girl will jump right into bed with you though. Some will make you work for it, usually for perfectly understandable reasons (safety, the desire to find a super hot guy, etc). Those girls are well worth pursuing because the sex will be great, but if you want to get laid quick you need to focus your energies on the ladies more likely to give it up in no time at all. I can help you with that.

When you’ve joined a high quality sex dating site like SOCIAL SEX you have a bevy of women to choose from. They’ve all joined for a wide variety of reasons. Most girls that join a fling or sex dating site do so for one of the following reasons:

  • They’ve been cheated on and they’re going to have revenge sex.
  • Fresh off a break up they’re looking for meaningless, mind blowing sex.
  • The bar and club scene is exhausting and filled with dirtbags they have
    to interact with face to face.
  • Their marriage/long term relationship has reached a deeply unsatisfying place and they need sexual release but have no desire to end the marriage.
  • They’re a sex addict
  • They’re looking for a quick self esteem boost through the sexual affection of a man (or many men).
  • They’re overweight and have trouble competing with slender girls in the real world and find the constant face to face rejection depressing.
  • They want lots of good sex and want to cultivate sex buddies in the most efficient way possible, thus a sex dating site membership.

Your first task is to learn which of those types is more likely to jump into bed quickly and which will make you work for it. Remember, the girls that make you work for it are worth it because the sex is great but they’re a terrible choice if you’re horny and looking to have sex that night.

The Hard to Get Girls

Tired of Bars and Clubs:These girls are interested in sex but they’re driven by any sort of desperate need for it. They’ll take their time looking through the available guys and go back and forth with messages, calls, texts, etc. They tend to have higher standards, too, so live up to those standards if you want to get laid.

Married Woman Looking to Cheat: Women stepping out on committed relationships tend to be careful, mostly because they don’t want to get caught and need to verify that the guy isn’t a crazy scumbag likely to out them in a sloppy way and end the whole thing in a dramatic disaster.

Efficiently Searching for Sex Buddies: These girls tend to be married to their work but still want good sex, which is why they go online to look for it. They don’t have time for endless runs to the bars and clubs on nights and weekends. They want good sex and they don’t want any complications. That also means they’re willing to wait a long time for the right guy.


The Easy Girls

Cheated On: For a certain kind of girl the only possible reaction to a boyfriend cheating on them is to immediately sleep with someone. Internet savvy girls knows that a sex dating site like EROTIC LOVE is a good place to find a man quick. Their motivations are purely sexual and they know if they wait too long the moment will pass, which is why they’re willing to get down and dirty real quick.

Post Break-Up Sex: This girl is a little different from those mentioned above. The relationship is over and she’s moving past it and wants to have lots of orgasms to help her get over him. This is the best kind of quick screw you can find. There’s no bagged or chance of any physical harm (the boyfriend can get involved in the revenge sex scenario, which can get messy).

Sex Addict: This one is pretty self-explanatory. When a sex addict gets going they really want to screw and they’re not going to waste any time. A sex dating site is absolutely perfect for their needs and they use it as intended. This kind of sex can be great but it can also feel a little empty, so beware.

Quick Self-Esteem Boost: Some girls weren’t given the support they needed when growing up and now look to men to keep their self-esteem high. Some of these girls are picky when it comes to partners on a sex dating site, but most are willing to sleep with anyone halfway decent looking that pays attention to them. These girls almost universally have a bad father which in turn means good sex for you.

Overweight Girls: Fat girls are similar to the low self-esteem girls since they share similar issues. Big women are told by society at large that they’re less valuable because they’re less attractive. Some choose to fight that feeling by sleeping with lots of guys, boosting their self worth. The underlying concept is that if a guy is willing to have sex with them they must not be what society tells them they are.

Your task is to discover as quickly as possible what type of girl you’re dealing with. The fat girls are easy since all you need is a profile picture. Everyone else is a little more difficult. First, scan the profile text and look for clues. Some girls are up front about why they’re on the site (the revenge sex girls will often come right out and say it) while others are will leave few clues (the more experience you have perusing profiles and getting laid the better you’ll be at reading the subtler clues).

The best approach is to be direct. In fact, studies have been conducted on this sort of thing. The most notable study showed that direct and often intimate questions received a much higher response rate than more general inquiries. Most people choose to be inoffensive because they don’t want to scare anyone away. Unfortunately, that tact ends up boring almost everyone. If you’re direct you will outright offend more people but you’ll also get real, direct responses from a far higher percentage of ladies.

Ultimately you need to sack up and ask a girl what she’s looking for, why she’s on the site, etc. Here are a few suggestions to get you going:

  • How did your last relationship end?
  • Have you ever had sex with someone you knew for less than an hour?
  • Are you in a relationship and looking to cheat?
  • Have you ever had a bad break up?
  • When was the last time you had a break up?
  • How easy is it for you to orgasm?

Don’t be afraid to live boldly when asking questions. If there’s something specific you’re looking for just ask it. Those that ask the bold questions get the most information and can figure out if they’re talking to a girl that’s looking to get laid quick.

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