Step 6 – Write An Email That Gets A 90% Response Rate

Step 6 How To Write A First Email That Gets A 90% Response RateWriting a clever, amusing, charming, effective first email is the most difficult task facing a man looking to score chicks on a sex dating site. Whether you join EROTICADS.COM, — FUCKBOOKHOOKUPS.COM, or one of our other recommended sites you’ll have trouble getting consistent sex if you can’t master the art of crafting a great opening email.

Don’t let the difficulty get you down though. Once you’ve learned how to write an excellent opening message you’ll be knee deep in interested ladies, mostly because so few guys have a clue what to say to get a woman to respond to them. One of the dirty truths of sex dating sites is that a significant percentage of the male membership is socially awkward and possesses little to no understanding of women, meaning they’ll never learn how to communicate effectively. If you’re that kind of guy it’s time to change. If not you’re already ahead of the curve and I’m going to teach you how to write a great email and get her to respond to you.

Please note: This step is written with the understanding that you’ve put together an excellent profile that includes a good picture. If you insist on using a picture of your genitals as your profile shot no one is going to get back to you. The same is true if you decided to wear your ketchup stained tee shirt and forgot to trim your neck beard in your picture. If you’ve followed the previous steps what you read below will work.

A few general notes on what to avoid:

– Don’t ever send a cut and paste email. The girls on sex dating sites get dozens, if not hundreds of messages a day. They know when you’ve cut and pasted something and they will delete it and probably block you immediately.

– Stay away from obvious compliments. Again, the girls get lots of emails so they read how pretty they are and how nice their breasts are dozens of times a day.

– Disgusting is never a good thing. Don’t give her the lurid details of how you’re going to pleasure her.

– If you don’t hear back from her or she rejects you feel free to move on. Only the most insecure and petty of men send a nasty email because their feelings got hurt. On a sex dating site you need a thicker skin than that.

What Not to Write

Mistakes tend to be our best way of learning, mostly because the consequences of screwing up stick with us and we’re doubly determined to not screw up again. The messages below are real failures. You’ll probably make a few of your own during your attempts to get laid on a sex dating site, but perhaps reading these will save you a few mistakes.

Example #1: Hello there. I think you’re very pretty and I would be interested in getting to know you better. I’m 32 years old, in good shape, and love playing basketball and reading historical fiction novels. I enjoyed your profile and thought your picture was very attractive.

What’s Wrong: Well, just about everything. First off, this is the most boring email ever written. Second, it’s entirely lacking in specifics, which makes it seem like a form letter. You might read that and think you’d have to make an effort to write something so dumb, but most guys on sex dating sites actually send emails like this because they don’t want to do any work to get laid.

Example #2: You are the hottest chick here baby! You have a fine ass and a seriously sexy set of breasts. I’ll bet you are a tiger in bed. If you and I were together I would rock your world. I know how to make a girl cum like crazy and I will bang you so good baby. Spread those sexy legs for me and let me go to work and we can have a good time.

What’s Wrong: I cleaned the language up on this one, so imagine it filled with expletives and far more graphic descriptions of sexual acts and you’ll have a better idea of how emails like this play out. For some strange reason guys actually think that approach is going to work. The vast majority of women will delete a filthy email describing how you’re going to screw them before they finish the first sentence.

Example #3:I like long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners, and sweet lovemaking with lots of tender kisses. I’m a romantic at heart and I want to share that with you. I want to show you how passionate I can be.

What’s Wrong: What an unbearable email! You’re not stuck in one of the Twilight novels; this is the real world and you’re trying to get laid on an sex dating site. Florid, romantic prose will make you seem like a player or a total loser that sucks in bed and is trying desperately to compensate.

What to Write that works

The examples below aren’t meant to be cut and pasted. In fact, if there’s one lesson you take away from this article it should be that you can’t cut and paste and have any luck getting laid. Even if the message is great the girl will know you’ve cut and pasted. I know it takes time and it can be arduous and a little boring, but your only chance of a high success rate on a great sex dating site like SOCIAL SEX is to craft real messages.

First, a few basic sex dating tips:

– Look for something specific in her profile to respond to. It doesn’t have to be innocuous. You can comment on her favorite sexual position or kink or talk about her favorite band. Try to be witty and original. If there’s something you can personally relate to it’s even better.

– Include a call to action. If you give her something specific to respond to she’s much more likely to return your message. Even if you ask her about something unrelated to sex it’s a good idea. Any way you can get her to engage is good.

– Be complimentary in an unusual way. This takes practice, but if you tell her she has really pretty eyes it’s going to bounce off of her. If you tell her that the necklace she’s wearing in one of her pictures reminds you of something you saw Jennifer Lawrence wear at the Oscars she’ll take notice.

– A sense of humor is a good thing. Every woman is into a guy that can make her laugh, even if she’s just looking to have sex with him. If you can make her laugh go for it.

Remember that there’s no perfect formula. Incorporating a specific element from her profile and a call to action is smart, but it’s not always necessary. Sometimes you might get a feeling when browsing a profile and put it into a message and receive a positive response because you’re being genuine. One of our successful messages is that way, in fact.

Example #1: What’s the best pickup line you’ve ever heard? Here’s my favorite: How much does a polar bear weigh? Just enough to break the ice. Can I buy you a drink? When delivered well it always works. Would it work on you? I actually think most pick up lines are stupid, but that one tends to make girls laugh. It was your smile that brought me to your profile and I’d love to see it in person. If you’re interested in getting to know each other better send me a message.

Example #2:Like you, I’m done with trolling bars looking for an evening of satisfying sex. I’ve had one too many drinks spilled on me and one too many angry confrontations with drunken ex-boyfriends for my taste. Perhaps our mutual distaste of the bar scene would make us a good match. I noticed we have the same bedroom interests too (specifically our shared desire to try some light spanking). Why don’t we instant message to see if we’re as compatible as I think?

Example #3: I couldn’t help but notice your pet pug in your pictures (at least I hope that’s your dog). I have one too and he’s the best. Why don’t we bring them to the park and hang out? We could let them play and get to know each other a little better to see if the chemistry I suspect we’ll have is there. I feel like we could have a great time in the bedroom and I don’t want to miss out on that.

Let me stress just one more time how important it is to write real messages to each girl you want to score with. Take a minute or two to browse her profile and come up with something. You don’t have to write a book. Keep it brief. Just remember that if she feels like you cared enough to write something real she is far more likely to message you back, even if she’s not immediately interested in sleeping with you. The biggest hurdle on Sex dating sites is getting the girl to talk to you; once you’ve done that it’s infinitely easier to get laid.

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