Step 1 – Learn To Avoid Sex Dating Scams

Step-1-- Learn To Avoid Sex Dating ScamsOne of the most important elements of a good experience with a sex dating site is knowing how to spot the fake and/or scamming profiles. If you get taken by a scam it will likely scare you away from ever enjoying the steady stream of available and horny women that populate these sites. It’s also unpleasant when you waste your time sending messages to a girl that doesn’t exist and whose profile was created merely to make the site seem a little more appealing so you’d join.

These profiles are most common on the low quality sites that populate so much of the casual dating world, but even on great sites like SOCIALSEX.COM you’ll find them, largely because they’re impossible to stop. Guys will always be susceptible to the tricks of the scammers and even the reputable sites will occasionally salt their listings with perfect profiles because they really want you to sign up (they’re doing you a favor, really, since signing up and following these steps means getting laid). Pay attention to the signs below and you won’t have to worry about getting scammed.

A few notes before we get specific. The overarching theme here is that if something appears too good to be true on a sex dating or fling site, then it is. We all know that’s the truth, but when it comes to sex the smart part of your brain is often shoved aside by the horny part and any good sense disappears. Try to keep your wits about you as you browse the profiles of available flings and you won’t get scammed. Now, let’s talk specifically about what to look for.

– Her sex dating profile is all about you As appealing as this type of profile is, it’s also a total waste of time. Outside of a teeny tiny percentage of girls that find sexual pleasure in service, women on a sex dating site simply aren’t like that. If she’s being that way it likely means she’s an escort or the profile is just a poorly conceived way to get guys to pay for a membership in the hopes of contacting that girl that seems so perfect.

– If she’s staggeringly beautiful This one always disappoints guys the most and yet it’s the most obvious. If you spend just a second thinking about it you should come to the conclusion that a girl that rates as physically perfect would have no need to be on a sex dating or fling site. Even if she was a total sex addict she would leave the site after a few days of receiving hundreds of messages from disgusting, mouth breathing troglodytes in Fringe and Firefly tee shirts. The most beautiful women in the world don’t use the internet to get laid (girls that would rate a 7 or 8 use the internet though).


– If she asks for money, ever This one should be so obvious and yet it’s the way most guys get screwed. The girl says she’s interested in the guy but can’t pay to get where he is. If he could help with travel money then she would totally meet him. This type of girl prays on the loneliest and most pathetic of guys, but you have to have a little sympathy for a man that just wants to connect and have a little sex. Sadly, the folks behind these profiles (almost never women, of course) have no sympathy at all and will crush you and take your money with glee.

– If her sex dating profile is way too vague This one is not as clear cut since some people are ridiculously vague on sex dating sites, but scammers will often concoct a vague but still intriguing profile that’s designed to lure you into creating the girl of your dreams in your head. If the profile isn’t specific about anything you can just fill in the blanks as you see fit. It might sound a little crazy, but the guys that are susceptible to scams are the same guys that will create a fantasy from a vague profile and get roped in when that girl responds to them.

If you’ve ever been to a strip club or paid for an escort you know that part of the girl’s job is to make you feel like you’re hot stuff. She convinces you that she’s really into you (this is why guys foolishly fall in love with strippers and escorts all the time) and in doing so she gets your money. It’s her job. Remember that when you’re browsing profiles and considering the information about. The scammers ultimately want to make you feel good about yourself so you’ll pay to keep feeling that way. Remember that what will make you feel best is actually having sex with a girl, not just fantasizing about it or being strung along by someone that will never sleep with you.

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