Step 2 – Write A Kickass Profile Girls Can’t Resist

Step-2---Write-A-Kickass-Profile-Girls-Can't-ResistIf you want to have a fling via a sex dating site like XPRESS.COM you need to put in a little work, just like you need to put in a little work if you’re going out to a bar or club and looking for a lady. The only time sex will utterly fall into your lap is if you pay for it or you look like Ryan Gosling. For the purposes of this article, I’m going to assume you don’t look like a movie star, which is just fine. Some guys assume they need to have a rock hard body and be extremely handsome to get laid, but it’s not true. You just need to do the work.

Creating a world class profile is your first step in finding a girl to sleep with. It’s the foundation upon which your sex dating site personality is built and it’s how you communicate to the ladies what you’ll be in and outside of the bedroom (you will have to spend a little time with them outside the bedroom before you get to have sex).

First, a few general tips:

1) Arrogance is a huge turn off. It’s a thin line between confidence and arrogance, but if you’re exuding the latter you will be passed over by the vast majority of women. Arrogant guys are selfish, bad in bed, and sometimes downright mean. Ultimately that’s because arrogance is actually rooted in a lack of confidence, which the ladies can sniff from a mile away.

2) Be mature. So many guys trip up on this one. For some reason they figure that because a sex dating site is about having sex that they should act like teenage boys playing out their masturbatory fantasies, instead of men looking to have sex with a real person, not just a sex doll.

3) Be specific. There’s more about this below, but in a general sense it’s of vital importance to be specific about your desires, what you like in a woman, about your regular life, etc. Don’t say that you like to have fun (everyone likes to have fun, dummy), say specifically what you do to have fun. It’s also important to remember that you can’t be perfect for everyone, which is what people that go generic are often thinking. In your quest not to offend anyone you end up boring absolutely everyone. Be specific and let what’s great about you attract a naturally matched partner.

The Good and the Bad Sex Dating Profiles
I’ve written countless profiles for sites like SOCIALSEX.COM and I’ve read thousands more browsing its pages. Over time repeated mistakes people make become clear and just as obvious are the correct ways of approaching a profile designed to charm a potential sex partner. Remember, your goal is ultimately to get her to message you back (most likely situation) or be the first to drop a line since she was so intrigued by your profile (less likely but will happen if you do it well enough). With that in mind, what follows are examples of the good and bad approaches to writing a profile.

Good: Be clear about what you want in a sexual encounter. If you have a specific interest (dirty talking, spanking, a specific kind of lingerie, etc) you should be unafraid to talk about it. Let her know up front what you’re into and you stand a much better chance of finding someone that’s perfectly matched to your needs. Make sure you approach your admission of desire in a mature manner.

Bad: If you’re too uncomfortable with your sexual desires to talk about them in a mature manner you’re going to sound like a teenager or a complete perverted buffoon. Don’t write like it’s a Penthouse letter and don’t get florid with the text. Do not, under any circumstance, go into what you’re going to do to her in lurid detail. A guy might be interested in that but the vast majority of girls want nothing to do with that sort of disgusting confession from someone they’ve never met.

Good: Be a female fantasy, at least as best you can without completely lying about yourself. This is simpler than you might think. You can go big or small as long as you can back it up in person. Something simple like saying you make more money than you do or have a better position at work is easy. You can also create a dashing character that’s traveled the world and bedded women from dozens of countries as long as you have the knowledge to back that up in a brief conversation.

Bad: Don’t play the lovable loser. Believe it or not, some guys still try to work that angle under the assumption they’ll get some sort of pity sex. It really never works that way, particularly on a sex dating site. Don’t drone on about how you’ve never had success with girls and that’s why you’re using the site. Don’t talk about how you’re looking to get better in bed by being there. Nobody wants to sleep with a loser, so if that’s who you are then pretend to be the person you want to be.

Good: It’s important to show you’re a well-rounded person with interests outside of sex. You must love to do something, so mention it.

Bad: When you fill your profile with your outside interests it gets boring really quickly. Women care that you have interests; they don’t care that much about the actual interests. Plus, if you’re interested in stuff that’s really nerdy you should consider not mentioning it. It’s not that you should be ashamed; it’s that when a woman knows you’re a big video games nerd she will assume you’re terrible in bed even if it’s not true.

Good: Most women using a fling site like FUCKBOOKHOOKUPS.COM are there strictly for sex, so the qualities they look for in a man they’d marry are out the window. What matters is that you know what you’re doing, that you know how to treat a lady, and that you know how to make them feel desired and appreciated. That last part is the most important and it should be presented in a skillful way. You’ll learn more about it below.

Bad: There’s a widely believed notion that if you’re mean to a girl she’ll be more interested in you because you stand out from the crowd of drooling fools. The Pick Up Artist movement has popularized this notion but ultimately it’s foolish and a crappy thing to do. You can get laid following that advice, but it will happen less frequently and ultimately you’ll feel bitter and alone. Guys that follow the PUA lifestyle are insecure, lonely, sad men that harbor a deep anger towards women and cynically pursue them. It’s poisonous and lazy and not at all necessary for getting laid.


More Specific Examples
Whenever someone does a study on cheating and why people do it one of the top reasons given is a lack of feeling desired, appreciated, and loved. Every human being wants to feel those things and it’s your job to make a woman feel that way in your profile. When she reads it you want her to imagine that what you’ve written applies to her. Have you ever heard a woman complain that her husband/boyfriend doesn’t ever notice the new shoes she wore or the way she did her nails? When guys fail to notice the little things they give the impression they don’t care. Every man notices how a dress looks or how nice and ass/breasts a girl has. Few men notice the bracelet a girl’s wearing or the new eye shadow she’s trying out or the way her hair has changed. Your task, ultimately, is to prove in your profile that you’re the kind of guy that will notice the little things. How do you do that? Simple, you write it.

Every sex dating site has you fill out a profile and there’s always a space where you can freelance. Sometimes it’s broken up into two sections, your general description and your interests. Make use of both.

Here’s an example of an entry in your interests section:
1) I’m here because I’m interested in everything about a woman. I’m interested in her smile, the sparkle in her eyes, the way she twirls her hair when she’s into me, the sexy curve of her back just above her butt, that knockout dress she bought for our date, the way her perfume smells when I kiss her neck and so much more.

Saying you’re interested in women on a casual sex site might seem a little obvious, but it’s also entirely honest and the point is to show her that you’re not just some guy that wants to get between her legs and thrust for a little while until you orgasm. You want to meld with her for a little while and have the most engaging, arousing, satisfying sexual experience possible and you can make that clear without every saying she has great boobs.

Your profile description is a little more challenging. It has to be more general, but you should shy away from giving too much information. If anything it’s smart to establish a sense of mystery and leave her wanting more while not being utterly generic. The best approach is to imagine who you want to be and try to communicate that through your description. If you want to be a suave, sexy, seductive guy then embrace that. If you want to explore your kinky side with a girl then say it. If you want her to dominate then make sure she knows it. As mentioned before, success on an sex dating site is about being specific and connecting with a girl that has desires similar to yours. If you’re not specific about your desires then she has no way of knowing what you seek and will pass you by.

Here are a few samples of sex dating profile description to get you started:
1) I joined SOCIAL SEX to get laid but I have no interest in using you. I would much prefer we use each other for a mutually beneficial, mind-blowing, athletic sexual experience that leaves us both exhausted, a little bit sweaty, and eager to catch our collective breath and go at it again.

2) I like sex of a naughtier variety. I don’t want to tie you up (or have you tie me up), but I wouldn’t mind a little dirty talking, ass slapping, and hair pulling (you or me) to liven things up. It’s not the kind of sex I want to have in a long term relationship, but it’s perfect for an occasional fling where our energies combine to let loose the stresses of a long week in a furiously pleasurable night of bedroom fun.

3) I’m an unashamed lover of big women. If you’re a heavy girl I want you badly. I want to wine and dine you and spend the night bringing you to orgasm. I don’t want to come on too strong, but everything about a large girl drives me wild with lust and I know we’ll have fun together,

You can feel free to expound more and add personal information, but your opening lines are the most likely to be read so make sure they’re memorable and they communicate what you want and what you’ll be like if a girl decides she wants to sleep with you.
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