Where To Find Friends With Benefits

Where To Find friends with benefitsHopefully you’re here because you desire a friends with benefits, or sex buddie relationship. You want to have no strings attached sex on a regular basis so you can develop a deeper sexual connection and get to that point where every encounter is utterly mind blowing because you know each other’s bodies. It’s a noble goal that every man lusts after at some point in his life. Now you’re ready for it and it’s time to go get it. Try looking in the following places.

#1 – Sex Dating Sites
This should come as no surprise. The internet is the single greatest tool at your disposal when it comes to getting laid and finding a friends with benefits relationship (or lots of them at the same time). There are a handful of truly excellent sites out there, including one with more than 60 million members. They’re all exceptionally well-populated and should offer thousands of possible matches in any given area around the world. SOCIAL SEX is among the most popular with millions of members and a wide range of bonus offerings to enhance your experience. FUCKBOOK HOOKUPS provides tons of amateur porn in addition to millions of members to search through on your quest to get laid regularly. EROTIC LOVE has video chat so you can see what your potential date looks like before you meet in person (video is better than pictures for judging how she will look in person and it can’t be doctored).

Finding a friend with benefits on a sex dating site is different than in the real world and takes practice. There’s skill to building a profile, picking the right picture, and sending the right messages to convince a girl to meet you. Thankfully you can learn all those skills here on iSexPortal in our guide section. Stop by, read the steps, and in no time at all you’ll be hard at work practicing your skills and before you know it you’ll be getting laid.


#2 – Past Sexual Partners Make Great Friends With Benefits
Starting a friends with benefits or sex buddies relationship with someone you already know is easy but if she’s a good friend it will end badly. What you want is someone you know fairly well but aren’t really friends with. A past sexual partner is your best bet. It’s not wise to simply start making phone calls or dropping emails though. You’ll need to do a little research. First, flip through the catalog of ladies in your brain and figure out which seemed like they would be down for that kind of thing. Then hit up the internet and search for social networking profiles, etc, to get a feel for how things are going for them. Are they in a relationship? Finally, send an email or make a phone call and ask about getting together for coffee. Keep the conversation casual. If it seems like she’s interested you can ask about having a little fun and keeping the relationship casual. If you’re scared to do it in person send an email when you get home.

#3 – Work/Office
This is the most dangerous of them all since it can end really badly. However, if you work in a high-powered or exceptionally busy environment (law office, hospital, etc) it’s not a bad idea. Chances are good neither of you has time for a real relationship but you both have sexual needs you want fulfilled. A friends with benefits relationship is the answer to your problems and there’s no reason anyone at work needs to know or will care. Doing this at a big Fortune 500 company is a bad idea since you’ll likely be fired if your behavior is discovered.