What Makes The Perfect Friend With Benefits

What Makes The Perfect Friend With Benefits here because you want to find a friend with benefits and have a long-lasting, sexually satisfying fling that gives you both the orgasms you crave. That relationship is within your reach thanks to the popularity of adult finder sites and the millions of women that have signed up for paid memberships because they want sex as badly as you do. There are certain qualities you need to look for in a perfect fling partner. Some are obvious, others are more subtle, and all are interesting. Let’s get into it.

#1 – You’re Attracted to Her: This is one of the obvious ones, or at least you’d think it would be. Sometimes when guys set out to find a friend with benefits they decide to aim low. Mostly they’re being lazy and aren’t willing to do a little extra work to bed the hottie of their dreams. It’s not that much work and it’s totally worth it. The relationship won’t be anywhere near as satisfying and arousing as it could be if you’re not attracted to her. You want to see her and immediately want to screw her. Having those feelings will bring the relationship to the next level of arousal.

#2 – She Lives Nearby: Practicality needs to be considered when you’re trying to find a friend with benefits. A big part of making these relationships work over any period of time is ensuring that neither of you has to expend tons of effort to make it happen. The whole idea is that it’s free of any of the drama, work, and effort of a real relationship. If you have to drive an hour to get to her ever time it’s going to seriously cramp your style and eventually you’re going to give up and find someone closer.

#3 – You’re Sexually Compatible: For a one night stand you need to have an erect penis and she needs a lubricated vagina. For a long term fling you need to be closer on the sexual compatibility scale or it won’t work because you’ll quickly get bored. A lot of the same rules of long term romantic relationships apply to sexual relationships but this is the most important of them. Compatibility can mean lots of things and includes positions, who will be in control, your desires for dirty talk, rough play (hair pulling, ass spanking, etc), fetish desires, and much more. Most adult finder sites help you figure all that out before you meet so pay attention.


#4 – Your Schedules Match Up: If you’re working nights and she’s working days the fling isn’t going to work out. If she can only meet on weekends and you’re always out of town or have to work then you will not make good sex buddies or friends with benefits. While it might be tempting to try and make the schedules fit because the first time you slept together was magical you should forget about it. Once again, no matter how good the sex is if you’re just getting together to bang you’ll eventually decide to move on if your schedules don’t match up.

#5 – She Wants More Than a One Night Stand: Some girls are genuinely looking for a one night stand. For any number of reasons they could be on the fling site for a one time thing or they’re unwilling to make any sort of connection with a guy. If you want a long term fling don’t bother with a girl like that, even if you think you can convince her. The truth is, you can’t. You might be good but you’re not good enough to change her mind on this because it’s just sex and she can get it anywhere. There’s a certain kind of girl looking for a long term fling and you should make an effort to find her. Most point it out in their profiles.