Step 7 – Time To Get Laid, Learn How To Close The Deal Fast

Step-7---Time-To-Get-Laid,-Learn-how-to-close-the-deal-fastBy this point in the process you’ve convinced a girl to meet in person for a date that will hopefully end in great sex. This is not like regular dating and that’s a good thing. If she’s agreed to meet she’s ready to have sex, which makes it much easier for you. All you have to do is not screw up and you’ll get laid. This article aims to help you avoid the mistakes guys so commonly make.

First we’ll go over a few general tips to keep in mind that should help you score with chicks you meet on sex dating sites.

– The vast majority of girls don’t want you to make them feel like whores or sluts. That’s why it’s best to avoid openly asking if they want to go back to your place for sex. Instead it’s smarter to be suggestive. She’ll know what you’re talking about, obviously, but you’re not throwing it in her face.

– Your date should be short and sweet. The basic idea is for both of you to confirm that the person you think you met online is who they say they are. Once you’ve done that and you’re both comfortable moving forward you should do so.

– Dress the part of a confident, sexy man. A recurring theme in this guide is giving the girl the impression that you’re making an effort. She wants to know that you value her enough to try hard to impress her. Wear something impressive to the date and offer to pay and you’ll continue to deliver that message.

– This should go without saying, but tamp down any desires you have to be disgusting, overtly sexual, or to act like an arrogant douchebag. That’s a good way to get her to turn you down.

– If she decides she doesn’t want to have sex then behave like a gentleman. Acting like a dick is the behavior of an insecure infant.

Your first big choice is the location of your date. Your first instinct might point you to a dinner date but forget about that. It takes too long, it’s too expensive, and there’s too strong a chance someone will order something that trashes their breath or doesn’t agree with their stomach and will put the kibosh on the whole night. Instead, go somewhere relatively quiet that serves drinks. Make sure it’s not overly crowded or that you’re meeting before or after the busiest time of the night. If you can’t hear each other there’s no point in being there.

The idea of the meeting is to show her that you’re the guy she met online so she needs a chance to see that. If you don’t know of a place in your area then it’s time to do some research and discover one. Build a rotation of 3-4 places so you never have to think about it again.

So many guys figure they have it in the bag once the girl from the sex dating site agrees to a meet and so many guys screw it up by acting like idiots or arrogant players. It’s a delicate balance. Most girls don’t want it to feel like you’ve done this type of thing a million times but they also want to feel like you’re confident and will show them a great time in the bedroom. Yeah, you have a challenge on your hands, but once you figure out the right balance she’ll be eager to finish her drink and get back to your place for a roll in the hay.


The in person meeting is why you don’t want to exaggerate too much in your profile. You can feel free to create something of a character, but if you go over the top it will be obvious you’re not that guy when you meet her in person. Behaving with confidence is the key. She’s agreed to meet you so you don’t have to lay pick up lines on her or show her your game. She wants to sleep with you so lay off that crap or she’ll walk away.

Try behaving like she’s someone you already know. Don’t do the first date interview stuff where you find out where she works, whether she has family, her favorite foods, etc. Keep it simple and friendly and be social. If you have a funny story then tell it. Laugh as much as possible and try to get her to do the same. Simple physical contact is great too as it will get you both thinking about sex. Try not to have thoughts of sex with her running through your head. It will be obvious to her and will kill the mood.

One drink should be enough. Don’t down it too quickly and if you want another feel free. No more than two though and definitely don’t get drunk. Once you’ve finished your drinks it’s time to leave. You should have an idea beforehand where you’ll be going. Some girls are more comfortable going to their place, some don’t want you know where they live, and some want to have fun at a hotel (hotel sex is always the best).

She’ll give you signs if things are going really well. She’ll return your touch, she’ll hold eye contact, she’ll laugh at your jokes, she’ll initiate physical contact, and she’ll smile plenty. If you’re getting all of that you can simply ask her to go back to your place, just don’t say “Why don’t we go back to my place to have sex?” Mentioning it is almost certain to send her home alone. If she seems a little timid you can give her cover by suggesting you go back to your place for another drink, so you can play her some music, show her vacation pictures, a show on your DVR, etc. Some girls just need the excuse. As long as your place is not a wretched hovel she’s yours if she steps through the door.

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