XXX Black Book Review

xxxblackbook-mainpageThe promise of an adult dating site that makes it easy as pie to hook up with beautiful girls in your areas is an alluring one, which would explain why there are so many subpar entries in this genre, with XXX Black Book being one of them. At first glance it seems like this might be one of the good ones. When you dig a little deeper cracks begin to show in the facade and eventually it becomes clear that like so many sex dating sites, there just isn’t enough here to warrant the membership fee.

XXX Black Book wants at least $29.95/month (they charge $34.95/month for the gold level membership, which gives you extras) to join (they offer discounts for joining for multiple months at a time). Ultimately you pay so you can contact people and the extras that include accessing explicit photos, watching video feeds, video chat, etc, are just icing on the cake.

For some reason the search function is limited to only 500 results. Considering a major metropolitan area should have thousands, if not tens of thousands, of members, they should really expand that results list. Also disappointing is that there doesn’t seem to be any way to tell when a girl was last on. You need that information on a site like this so you don’t waste time messaging girls that haven’t been online in a year. It would be helpful if you could limit the search results to only the girls that have upgraded their membership so you know they can message you back. On the plus side, their advanced search function is terrific. It’s among the best I’ve seen because it allows you to narrow exactly what you’re looking for with regards to sex. You can search for specific fetishes (even amputees, which is a pretty narrow fetish), swinging preferences, and much more. The better the search function the easier it is to find someone you’ll really connect with.

As with just about every low quality sex dating site, XXX Black Book has far too many fake and misleading profiles. If you’ve read the guide you’ll know that the girl that looks like a supermodel is not a real profile. It’s hard to hear, but girls like that don’t need to use an adult dating site to get laid; they could pick any guy in the world and he would sleep with them. There are a fair number of girls that are webcam only, indicating that they’re actually webcam performers looking to charge you for their time. Then there are just lots of fake profiles used to pad the listings.

With so many of the sites in the negative section the bottom line is that it’s much harder or impossible to get laid if you purchase a membership. It’s not impossible at XXX Black Book but it’s more difficult and the site is just as expensive as those in the recommended section while offering so much less (no amateur porn, no discussion board, no blogposts, etc).

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