Having an Interracial Sex Buddy

Having-an-Interracial-Sex-BuddyIf you are attracted to sexual partners of different races, and desirer an interracial sex buddy, you are not alone. As interracial relationships have gained acceptance, the rates of unions, be they of a purely sexual nature or marriage material, continue to rise dramatically on a regular basis.

If you are looking for an interracial sex buddy or already have one, there are some things you ought to consider so that you don’t come across as a jerk. Any enlightened guy worth having sex with will be far beyond any hang-ups about not wanting to have sex with women of a different race, but there are still many mistakes that men make when they decide to get it on with a woman whose ethnicity is different than his own. If you want to maintain the fun and good feelings between you and your sex buddy, study up so that you don’t screw it up.


Don’t Treat Your Sex Buddy Like A Toy

A lot of women report feeling that men eroticize them simply due to their race. In other words, they sometimes feel like they are viewed as more of a sex toy than a woman. Not cool. Even if your relationship is based purely around sex, she’s not your fuck doll, she’s a person. You cannot assume that because a woman is Latina, Black, or Asian that she will possess a certain type of sexual prowess associated with stereotypes about women of her race. You also can’t assume that you will know what she likes because you’ve watched pornos that insinuate that all women of her race share certain proclivities. If you are rolling your eyes and muttering, “No shit!” you’re on the right track. If not, you really need to do some serious work on your racial issues before you have any business climbing into bed with a woman of a different race. It is racist behavior, pure and simple.


Understand Your Sex Buddies Values & Beliefs

It is also important that you are willing to remain open and culturally sensitive about differing values and belief systems your sex buddy may have. In certain cultures there are sometimes sexual taboos that have been handed down and that a woman may feel strongly about. If you want to make her your sex buddy, you owe it to her to respect these boundaries and not try to convince her to cross them. Refrain from trying to enlighten her to the joys of something she finds disgusting or off limits. If she is ready and willing to change her beliefs on that front, trust me, she will let you know. It shouldn’t ever come from a feeling of being pushed or pressured.



Is An Interracial Sex Buddy Really For You?

Give some serious consideration to why you want an interracial sex buddy before proceeding. For a lot of men, it’s that race just simply isn’t an issue. If you recognize that beauty and attraction can come in every imaginable shape, size, and skin color, then that’s cool. Have sex with the women with whom you have chemistry and share a mutual attraction. You’ll probably both have a great time in bed and view each other as equals. If, on the other hand, you have heard horrible stereotypes about women of a certain race giving better head, being wild in bed, or having tighter vaginas and want to find out if it is true, take a pass. That is the behavior of naïve, horny little boys; not grown men who know that every single woman on the planet is going to be different on all of those fronts and every other. In fact, maybe you should just stay home and masturbate instead of inflicting yourself on any woman.

Having a friend with benefits or sex buddy can be a lot of fun, but it should be a positive experience for both people. Other than respecting any potential cultural differences that may come up, having an interracial sex buddy shouldn’t be any different than having sex with a woman of your own race. Be mature. View her as a real person with real feelings and her own likes and dislikes. Play nice. These are across the board, vital components of having a fun and fulfilling sexual experience that have nothing to do with race and everything to do with being a decent human being. As long as you’re adhering to that, get it on.