Has Casual Dating Become Bigger Than Traditional Dating?

Has-Casual-Dating-Become-Bigger-Than-Traditional-DatingNot everyone is looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right. There are those who are just looking to have some fun. The problem in the past has been that for those who just wanted to have sex, there hasn’t been any way for them to do so. If you wonder why there are so many guys who say they are going to call, and don’t, you shouldn’t. (How Long To Wait Before Calling) They didn’t call because they weren’t interested in dating to begin with. Many guys don’t want commitment, they just want someone to pleasure and to pleasure them. They lie because they have to. Enter casual dating, and that all goes away.


The changing face of dating

There are some that think that hookups or casual dating is ruining the morals of our society. I think it is the exact opposite. Hookup and casual dating is saving the feelings of millions around the world. It is taking away from the hurt feelings of giving it up to never be called. There are fewer girls sitting around waiting for the guy to call, only to be disappointed. Guys do no longer have to lie about what it is that they want. They are able to go on the internet and find a girl to hookup with without deceiving another into sleeping with them.

Hookup and sex is not new, it is just more honest now. When you use dating and casual dating sites to find the woman or man of your dreams, both parties are privy to what the rules and conditions are. No one is getting hurt, or being misled. For those who think that this is a new phenomenon, it isn’t. It is just a more honest arena for those who aren’t looking for a commitment. The non-committal partner is no longer going to a bar to pick up someone, they are searching online for someone who wants the same thing that they do.


So what is that doing for traditional dating?

Some are worried that hookup and sex dating sites are ruining it for those who want to date more traditionally. I would argue that they are saving the institution of traditional dating. If you meet someone, and they tell you that they will call, now they are more likely to. It has taken away the necessity, or need, to deceive someone. There is no reason now why a guy would lie to you saying he wants a relationship when he really only wants to hook up with you. Those guys who are out looking for a long term dating relationship are real. That is giving more honesty to both forums. It isn’t that traditional dating is being overtaken, or looking less attractive, it is that people are being more honest about what they want. Both populations are getting more of what they want, and no one is getting hurt.

The sex and hookup sites are doing everyone a favor. It is giving those looking for sex an option to find it without attachment. It is giving those looking for traditional dating a better chance of finding someone who is looking for the same thing. It is a win-win situation. It isn’t an either/or thing. There are always going to be those who are looking for a long term dating scenario, and those who want nothing more than a one night stand.

Is casual dating more popular?

Again, casual dating is no more popular than it has been in the past. Monogamists are always going to want it their way. Those who are looking for casual sex, still going to be looking for casual sex. It isn’t becoming more popular, it is becoming more “real”. For those who are looking for long term love, casual sex is saving them from disappointment and heart ache. Instead of being upset and angry about the new avenue it has created, you should be thanking the creators of these sites for saving you from waiting for the phone to ring. Many girls will not be spending weeks crying over the guy who said he would call, and never did.