Best Places To Score Chicks

Best Places To Score ChicksThere are two types of guys in this world, the ones searching for the perfect place to score with girls, and the one who knows where that is. You will get all sorts of advice from other guys about where they met the hot chick who had sex without strings. The truth is that it doesn’t come about as often as the guys who are talking about it are saying it does. Knowing the right place to score chicks is not only about the place, but the time, and the way that you present yourself. For some guys scoring with chicks comes easy, so their opinion or advice is worthless. If you want to know the “real” places to score, ask the ugly guy who gets sex all the time.
The most obvious places are usually not the best to score with girls. The bars are nothing more than a competition of men. You have all sorts of guys who are competing for the same girl, and most likely who wins? The hottest guy, every time. If you aren’t high on the hot scale, you can spend a whole lot of time, and money, getting some girl liquored up to watch her exit the bar with some hot dude that swings in last minute, when she is ready to go and sweeps her off her feet.

The places that you are most likely to score are the places where women aren’t looking to hook up. When a woman is not on the prowl, or out to get sex, that is when your charm, or your attempts, will be received much more sincerely and honestly. What happens when you are perceived as just a “good guy”? You are more like to get sex from the girl that you want. Nonchalantly walking up to her when she is least expecting someone to hit on her, gets her when her guard is down. When you are in a place that is designed for hooking up, whatever it is that you say is being scrutinized, and considered cheesy or insincere. It is way too much work, without the great return on your investment. If you want to hook up, try these places:

Score Chicks On The Internet

Many internet sites ( See Our Top List) are there just to cater to women and men who are looking to have sex without commitment. It isn’t like the olden days where it was some freaky chat room where you never knew if you were talking to a girl who was born one, or one who is disguising themselves as one. The new hookup websites have a fee for membership which cuts down on the potential for scams. They also give you a way to talk to girls, see their profile, and make sure that you want to meet them before you actually do. They aren’t sites where people are looking for love, just loving. If the internet is not your thing here are a few other ideas…   ScamBanner

The grocery store

Yep, it isn’t just an old wives tale. Women love nothing more than a guy who does his own shopping. Better yet, add some gourmet foods to your cart and it says that you have class and know how to take care of yourself. That translates for women into you will know how to take care of them. Be casual and expect the same from the girl you are trying to score with. You may not get it that night, but you will definitely work your way into her pants much quicker than if you fed her a cheesy line in a bar.

The park

A woman likes a guy that is fit. What she really likes is the smell of sweat. That’s right, evolution has made men’s fresh sweat attractive to women. Now guys, if you aren’t in shape, don’t try this one, but if you keep your body tight, take off your shirt and go for a run in the park. Stretching on the bench is the first step to stretching across her body. Bring a dog with you and even better. Animals and babies are chick magnets.


Dinner parties

You may want to think twice before you turn down that invitation to an upscale dinner party. There is nothing that makes a woman feel more sexy, or want to have sex, than when she is all dressed up and feels good about herself. Mix in a lot of cocktails and you looking all dapper, she’ll be asking to come in for a night cap. The most unlikely places are the best places to score with women. Not only are you decreasing the competition, you are catching your opponent at their weakest time and when their defenses are down.