Saucy Dates Review

saucydates-mainpage-thumbSaucy Dates advertises as being totally free and they’re up front about the fact that they make it free by running advertisements in the member’s area, just like non-adult dating related social networks do. One of the most important questions, naturally, is how annoying those advertisements are to members. Every profile page features a huge ad for another sex dating site with 12 pictures teasing profiles from that site. There’s also a banner and a little popup at the bottom of the page that’s supposed to be a girl looking to chat and creates a popup ad when you answer her. It can all be a little overwhelming and from my perspective it seems like the site was created specifically to serve ads, not to help you find a date with a pretty girl that would like to have sex.

They call it Saucy Dates because they want you thinking dirty thoughts when you consider finding a date via the site. A saucy date would end in sex, right? All the advertising would likely be worth it if they had created a dating site that offered an unbeatable service, lots of women to meet with, and a great chance to get laid without having to pay. Unfortunately, like so many things in life you get what you pay for with Saucy Dates.

The lack of women is a real problem. A search for any female member of the site that had been online in the past seven days came back with less than 100 results. That’s not less than 100 women within 10 miles of New York City. That’s less than 100 women anywhere in the world that had used Saucy Dates in the past 7 days. On a great sex dating site, like the one they advertise all over this dump, that number will be in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions. There was one woman within 30 miles of New York City. The next closest was 32 miles away and after that it was 89 miles away.

Not surprisingly, the profiles at Saucy Dates offer almost no information. Most have a picture, a few lines of text, and a sliver of information about where she lives. You also see a list of the guys that have visited a girl’s page and can see the last five people that have messaged her. The ratio of men to women is in the 10:1 range, which is just awful for a site like this.

Saucy Dates is one of the worst casual dating sites you will ever visit. Their business model is based on advertising and it’s telling that all their ads are for other adult dating sites. Essentially, they make money when you decide to pay for a membership so you can actually find someone to sleep with instead of banging your head against the wall of Saucy Dates, where you will never, ever find someone to sleep with because the site is useless and seems to have less than 100 active female members total.

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