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On March 2, 2013
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Our #4 ranked site. Xpress.com is a high quality casual dating site that works! Xpress is Highly Recommended.


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There is a lot to like about the sex dating site Xpress which is why its ranked #4 on my top list. Xpress scored 4/5 points on the check points bellow, coming up short only on the number of fake profiles. Despite the fact its been around for less than a year, if you rank the amount of fake profiles on Erotic Love vs the sex dating industry as a whole its much lower. However vs , socialsex, erotic ads, and fuckbook (the 3 other sites on my list), it comes up short. The first thing you will notice when signing up is how fast the process is. From start to finish it took me only 3 mins to sign up, create my profile, and upload a photo. Once inside the site, the member home page is well designed and a breeze to navigate. It is truly refreshing to encounter a site with next to no annoying ads popping up or selling you on penis enlargement. The site also offers all the features & functions any quality sex dating site should have. Erotic love provides cam to cam chat, IM messaging, sending flirts, and mobile functions which allows you to send & receive messages from your phone. Over all this is a really high quality site and as you learned from my 7 step guide to scoring chicks online, anyone serious about sex dating must join multiple sites. Xpress.com should be including to your arsenal.

Five Point Test

1) Real Versus Fake Profiles On Xpress

The victims of sex dating site scams can be vocal in their displeasure, and with good reason. Nothing is quite as humiliating as being duped by a pretty girl that you were certain wanted to have sex with you only to find out she just wanted to steal some of your hard-earned money. It would be ideal if there was a particular casual dating site that was entirely free of members like that, but there isn’t. Instead, what you want is a site that polices such profiles vigorously. Xpress is that site. If they receive a report of a scam they investigate it quickly and thoroughly and if there’s any reason to act they will do so, shutting down the account immediately. It’s your responsibility to be familiar with the scams so you don’t fall prey (you’ll find an article on iSexPortal about them).

The fake profiles are another question. They exist at Xpress and there’s no question they’re annoying, mostly because they waste your time and get your hopes up. Some are even added by the site’s managers to make it seem a little better. They’re designed to look like perfect women, sometimes to a specific sexual desire, and it’s unnecessary. These profiles get your hopes up and waste your time as you write messages to a girl that will never get back to you. The good news is the fake profiles are less than many other sex dating sites and for this reason I can say with confidence erotic love is legit!

2) Size of the Membership Base

At any given time there are 30,000 to 100,000 members online at Xpress. On a typical day several million will check in to read their messages, respond to guys and girls they want to hook up with, and chat. Over the course of a week you have multiple millions of possible hook ups visiting the site and given the geographical spread you should be able to find a fling no matter where you live. They’ve maintained a strong male to female ratio with 2-3 guys for every 1 girl, ensuring you aren’t competing with dozens of guys for the same girls (some sites are really bad in the ratio department; 40 guys to every 1 girl is the worst I’ve seen).

3) Site Design and Navigation

You can view profiles for free at Xpress, separating it from some of the competition amongst excellent casual sex dating sites. Once you join you’re permitted to interact with those profiles you find most attractive. If the girl is online there will be an option to connect to her via webcam for live chat, which proves to be an amazing experience every time. You can also send an instant message, email her, submit a friend request, or send a flirt (one of several small images to let her know you like her and what your specific desires). Given that successful sex dating requires browsing lots of profiles and sending lots of messages, it’s helpful that Erotic Love lets you make notes on any profile that only you will see. It’s a place to write about your interaction, if it’s a fake profile, if the sex was great, if she was horrible, etc. They also keep track of your history with each member, noting when you visited her page, sent her emails, etc.

They keep the search function simple. In the basic version you select what you’re looking for, age range (although they oddly don’t allow you to search for any age range you want), the interaction you desire, and location. Paid members can use the advanced search function that expands your options to things like marital status, ethnicity, hair color, whether they have photos, height range, and more. They lack numerous helpful options though, like breast size, penis size, and sexual preferences (positions, holes penetrated, etc).

Xpress offers an experience beyond hooking up if you want it. Visit the chat section to interact live with others, visit the virtual sex world where you can cyber with avatars, or post in the forum. Visit the XXX Theater section to watch streaming movies, read dating advice and erotic stories, and learn about local swing clubs.

4) Your Chances of Success On Xpress

Once you’re armed with the knowledge provided in the guide to picking up chicks using casual dating sites, it doesn’t take long to read and it will genuinely make a huge difference in your ability to have a fling with ease) it should be simple to get laid at Erotic Love. Your biggest concern is brushing aside any fake profiles to save time and concentrating your efforts on the beautiful girls you want to sleep with. Master how to make contact and writing a good profile and you will have sex every day if you desire it. The site provides millions of members for you to interact with and the tools to contact them in a variety of ways, including the amazing live video chat that’s totally free.

5) Billing Information

On the join page you input your name and address and choose your preferred billing method. Once you click the button they assign you to a credit card processor, at which point you’ll need to give the important information. You’ll be billed $1 for the first three days of membership and afterwards $29.95 every 30 days until your membership is canceled. You’ll notice on the join page that they already have the box checked to charge you another $10/month to have your profile highlighted on search results. Uncheck that if you don’t want to pay the extra fee. All charges are made discreetly by whichever processor is selected.

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