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On March 2, 2013
Last modified:March 7, 2013


Our #2 ranked site. Erotic Ads is a quality sex dating site that is well worth joining. Highly Recommended.


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As a member of more than my fair share of casual sex dating sites I have experienced it all. These experiences have left me the biggest cynic you will ever meet, So when I first discovered and their cheesy little bunny logo I thought no way in hell this site was a winner. It wasn’t long however after signing-up I changed my tune. I was very impressed with the member area on, its design was clean, easy to use and offered all the features I look for in a site. Most important of all, the size of the member base. As you will learn bellow in check point #2 erotic ads is a massive site. With so many chicks to choose from this site makes it a breeze to meet and hookup with local girls. For instance at any even time there is no less than 50 woman online who meet my search criteria, all within 10 miles of me. Over all passed 4/5 of our check points and finished ranked as our #2 sex dating site, well worth the cost of membership.

Five Point Test

1) Real Versus Fake Profiles On Erotic Ads

It’s a sad reality of casual dating sites that you have to deal with fake and scamming members. It’s exceptionally difficult for a site like Erotic Ads to keep up with them because when they sign up there’s really nothing that differentiates a fake or scamming profile from a real one. Plus, when you consider they have more than 20,000 new members a day it’s not economical to hire enough staff to paw through the profiles and weed out the ones that might be safe. All of that is a way of saying that ultimately it’s up to you to learn how to spot the fakes, which you can do by reading our guide.

On the bright side, EroticAds suffers from this affliction less than most sites. In truth, they probably have the same number of scammers as a smaller site, they just have 100 times as many real members so the ratio is in a much more acceptable place. There are genuinely sites out there on which the female part of the membership is almost entirely made up of fake, expired, or scamming profiles and it’s the most depressing thing in the world to join a site like that, pay money for the privilege, and discover you won’t be getting anything out of your membership. You don’t have to worry about that at Erotic Ads. While you’ll probably waste time messaging a fake profile from time to time and will probably hear from a scammer, if you’re prepared it won’t be a big problem. Over all it was clear to me erotic ads is legit.

2) Size of the Membership Base

As mentioned above, more than 20,000 new members join Erotic Ads on a daily basis and they currently boast more than 40 million profiles. Some have long since stopped coming to the site and many aren’t paying members so they can’t email you back, but they still have millions of paid members that you can get in contact with, which is important when dealing with casual dating sites. You need lots of potential women because it’s a game of volume. The more messages you send out the more likely you are to get laid that night. Don’t be shy about sending messages! The ratio of men to women is among the best in the industry, upping your chances of a successful interaction.

3) Site Design and Navigation

Erotic Ads melds smart, practical design and technology to create a highly functional, impressive member’s area that strives to help you have a fling with ease. The newly added video instant messaging is terrific. If you both have a webcam it’s as simple as a click and you’ll be connected and closer to meeting in person than ever. It saves time and will result in less in person rejections (yeah, those happen sometimes but you can minimize them). There are chat rooms as well and you can even engage in group webcam chat, which can get naughty, as you were probably thinking.

Each profile is presented in a concise manner that still manages to get across a great deal of information, which in turns helps you decide which girls to message. On the main page they return high percentage matches of girls that are currently online, which is the most efficient way to get laid quickly if that’s what you seek. The advanced search function will likely let you down a tad. They don’t offer enough options for narrowing down the sexual desires of your ideal partner. Perhaps that’s only disappointing for the kinkiest among you, but they should at least provide the option.

4) Your Chances of Success on EroticAds

Your ability to have a fling is greatly increased if you choose Erotic Ads over the many inferior casual sex dating sites online. The chief reason it’s in our recommended list is because they make it easy to hook up. The millions of members and the fantastic male to female ratio are the two biggest reasons it’s so easy to hook up. When you have this many girls to choose from you have to be pretty lazy not to get together with one of them. The more you develop your skills for spotting bogus profiles the more efficient your search will be and that only takes practice so the more you do it the better you’ll be. You have a wide range of women to select from so whatever you desire (super skinny chicks, BBWs, athletic ladies, super hotties, etc) you can get laid with. You might have to work harder with certain girls but it’s worth it if that’s what you want.

5) Billing Information

Erotic Ads charges just under $30/month for membership and your credit card will be billed discreetly, though if you’re married and trying this you should really be using a prepaid debit card to ensure you don’t get caught. Unless you cancel, your membership will be automatically renewed every 30 days so keep on that. They do not offer any discounts for joining multiple months at a time. For another $10/month you can have your profile featured higher in the listings.

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