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On March 2, 2013
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Our #1 ranked site. SocialSex is head and shoulders above all other sex dating sites on the net.


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There is a lot to like about it is a high quality site and exactly the tool you need to put our hookup strategies to the test. Socialsex passed all 5 of the check points bellow with flying colors which is why I recommend it above all the other casual sex dating sites on the net. Socialsex offers you a large membership base, some awesome features such as video chat, sending flirts and even some cool mobile features that allows you to pick up chicks on the go. The sign up process is a breeze that requires very little information; you pay for a membership once you’ve joined and decided that you’d like to go further. The cost of membership is very much in-line with what similar sites charge (more details in check point 5 bellow). From the moment they drop you in the member’s area you’ll be awash in possible sex dates. You can read more details on bellow

Five Point Test

1) Real Versus Fake Profiles On Socialsex

Fake and scamming members are a pox on the casual dating business. On some sites it gets bad enough it’s not even worth a membership. Socialsex largely keeps the site clean of the problem profiles. You’ll still run into them, but they have enough real members joining looking for sex that it’s not crippling.

Harmless fake profiles are somewhat common at Socialsex, though they’re much more of an issue when you’re a free member as they use them to convince you to join. Spend enough time with the site and read our guide and you’ll learn quickly how to spot a fake profile and save yourself from wasting time messaging them. Time is the real issue. If you spend 10 minutes crafting a personal message to a girl that doesn’t exist it’s insanely annoying. The scamming members are even easier to avoid. In short, don’t ever send anyone money and you should be fine. The lower than industry average number of fake profiles is the #1 reason why I give socialsex such a positive review!

2) Size of the Membership Base

There are two important considerations when talking about a dating site’s membership. At the top of the list is the ratio of men to women and the total number of members is a fairly distant second, though both should be considered before you join. Social Sex maintains a ratio between 2 and 3 guys for every 1 girl, which is as good as it gets in this business. They also boast nearly 50 million members, though the number of active members is considerably lower (that big number basically includes everyone that has ever signed up over the life of the site). Either number is among the largest in the adult finder site business and that’s the most important fact. What’s most important is that no matter where you live you’ll have enough Social Sex members around you to hook up, particularly if you’ve followed the tips and tricks laid out in our guide to a successful fling.

3) Site Design and Navigation

The profiles at Socialsex are impressively designed and make soaking up lots of information about a potential fling partner in as little time as possible easy. The girl’s pictures and basic information are featured at the top of the page along with your options for contacting her, a space to leave a note about her that only you’ll be able to see (for future reference should you come across her profile again), and the ability to block her. The profile information follows and includes space for whatever text she wants to include and answers to basic personality questions, what she’s looking for, and her sex stats. When filling out your profile you’ll see that you can choose your favorites and what you hate from a list. If you’re searching for something specific (like a girl into spanking, for instance) it’s the sex stats section you’ll want to pay attention to. For quick reference there’s a compatibility chart that compares your answers to questions so you can skip a girl if the match percentage is too low.

The Social sex search leaves a little to be desired, mostly because it doesn’t allow you to narrow by sexual preferences. Since you can select what your kinks are, essentially, it’s odd they don’t let you search for them. They include useful options though, like narrowing by hair color, body type, ethnicity, if she smokes or drinks, etc. Including breast size would have been nice. Other member features include free streaming movies, erotic stories, information on swinging clubs, and dating advice.

4) Your Chances of Success on Social sex

Many factors combine to provide you with a great chance of getting laid at Socialsex. There is no absolute guarantee because too much depends on you and your desire to find sexual success. In short, should you want it you’ll have it. The size of the membership base and the good male to female ratio ensures that the women won’t be so inundated with messages that they can’t get back to you. The same can be said for the relative lack of fake profiles, which sometimes inflate female numbers on low quality casual sex dating sites. All told is 100% legit!

Don’t let any early failures deter you from a dogged pursuit of the sexual pleasures you seek at Socialsex. It takes a while to learn what you’re doing on a site like this. It’s different from regular dating and even from trying to pick someone up at the bar. The more you try the better you’ll get and you will most definitely get laid if you stick with it. You should remember to read our guide as it’s full of useful information that will put you ahead of the typical first time member.

5) Payment Details

They keep it simple where membership is concerned. Everyone joins for a three day trial at $1. If you decide to keep your membership you will be charged $30 at the end of that trial and every 30 days thereafter. You can pay an extra free to have your profile featured at the top of search results. Billing is done discreetly through one of four companies with a long history of processing credit cards online so your information is safe and the name won’t be obviously sex-related.

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