What Woman Respond To Most On Adult Finder & Fling Sites

What Woman Respond To Most On Adult Finder SitesThere’s so much written on how to score women on adult finder sites that it can be a little overwhelming. It’s possible I’ve overwhelmed you with the articles on iSexPortal! Ultimately what you want is the secret to finding a fling with ease. I can tell you what the secret is but I can’t promise that making use of it will be easy.

You’ve probably heard this already, but confidence is the secret to picking up women on an adult finder site and convincing them to have sex with you. Read through the seven step guide to getting laid and if you pay attention you’ll see that if you have confidence and apply it to each step the whole process gets so much easier. The only guys that fall pretty to adult dating scams are the ones that lack self-esteem. It makes them so desperate for any sort of female validation that they fall into a trap. The guys with confidence take and choose the best profile photos. The guys with confidence write the best profile text and the best opening messages and find continuing conversation easy.

The great thing about an adult finders & fling sites is that you don’t have to think on your feet until you get to the instant messaging stage. Before that you can take your time writing an email or response. That’s a double edged sword, of course. Sometimes having all that time means you over think it and make a mess by equivocating, babbling, and writing in circles so that you end up saying nothing at all. The time can and should be used to your advantage though, and I’m going to show you how.

You can fake confidence until you actually have it and it’s much easier to do it through text than in person. It will take some practice, but if you’re mindful of what you read below you will come across as confident and land the sexual partners of your dreams.

– Be clear with your intentions and desires. So many guys on adult finder or fling sites are terrified they’re going to offend someone, so they end up with a blob of meaningless text in their profile. It’s worse on sex dating sites than it is on vanilla dating sites since guys are afraid their particular sexual desires are going to scare away the girls. You will scare away some of them and you have to be okay with that. The clearer you are about what you want the more attracted certain girls will be to you.


– Confident men are mature. This goes without saying and should be adhered to at all times. A confident man is an adult and he acts accordingly. He doesn’t make dirty, stupid jokes in his profile and he doesn’t write lurid prose about the filthy acts he intends to do with a girl before he’s ever talked to her.

– Act like you know what you’re doing in the bedroom and will give her pleasure. You shouldn’t write a paragraph about it, but you should communicate that you’re good in bed and will give her an orgasm, although subtlety in this area is smart. Even if you’re not sure about your sexual talents you should pretend you know what you’re doing.

– Be confident enough to keep your message brief. Every sentence should be packed with genuine information and not pointless drivel, but you shouldn’t feel the need to write a book. A confident man doesn’t feel the need to spill every feeling right off the bat. He doesn’t need the validation of having his feelings heard and understood. Girls like a little mystery, anyway.